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 Kill Mosquito (812 plays)
Don't let the blood sucker suck your blood
 Kill the Mouse (925 plays)
Try to kill the mouse by shooting in the head.
 Kindergarten Killer (767 plays)
Get inside the kindergarten and shoot down those pesky littl...
 King Of The Hill (880 plays)
You're the king of the Hill and your enemies have launched a...
 Kitten Shooting (927 plays)
Shoot the target amount of kittens with your shotgun!
 Kung Fu Fighter (813 plays)
A nice kung fu fighting game.
 Kwik Shot (948 plays)
Shoot the plates.
 Kwikshot (742 plays)
try to hit the clays as they fly past the screen. You only h...
 Lamer Hunter (850 plays)
No time limit. Shoot the targets as much as you wish.
 Legacy Of Agony (733 plays)
In this game you go around fighting monsters.
 Lightsaber Practice (815 plays)
Use the mouse to aim the incoming droids. Shoot them before ...
 Loki & The Catinvaders (888 plays)
Help Loki defend against the CAT-invader
 Longbow (972 plays)
Don't let the enemy come near you - use your advantage as ar...
 Los Simpsons (774 plays)
A shoot 'em up game featuring the Simpsons. Shoot everyone t...
 Lunar Command (1026 plays)
Lasers. Lasers. Lasers. What more do you need from a game? Q...
 Majestic (797 plays)
try survived the creepy nucleo's.
 Mars (886 plays)
Fire your weapons and free Mars from enemies invasion.
 Mars Fighter (teaser) (774 plays)
Fly your space craft fighter over mars and defend this plane...
 Metal Arm (803 plays)
In this game you are a robot fighting other robots using you...
 Metal Armor (932 plays)
In this game you go around shooting the other team trying to...
 Metal Slug Rampage (812 plays)
This is a cool destruction game where you have to get as far...
 Meteor Strike (848 plays)
Take out the meteors before they devestate the entire city! ...
 Mili And Tary Against W... (790 plays)
Shoot all the paratroopers before they reach the ground in t...
 Millineum Fighter 2 (886 plays)
Pilot Millineum fighter and fight all other type of weapons ...
 Mission R4 June (877 plays)
This is a cool 3D shoot 'em up game where you have to shoot ...
 Monkey Child's Monkey K... (4016 plays)
Keep the monkey in the air
 Monster Mash 2 (1095 plays)
The zombies have invaded again. Blast and blow them away wit...
 Mr. Georges (928 plays)
Tourture the captive with bullets
 Naval Gun (931 plays)
Fire missiles and blow up the enemy submarines and planes.
 Nemo's Revenge: The Que... (979 plays)
You are captain Nemo and your mission is to retrieve a pearl...
 Net Terminator (914 plays)
Shoot down at stationary or moving targets reload your gun a...
 Nun Gunner (903 plays)
Blast the Nuns out of the sky as they invade your home world...
 Obsoleter (768 plays)
Earn points by shooting targets as much as you can in the ti...
 Office Getaway (949 plays)
Very simple 1st person shooter that take place in office cub...
 One Soldier (832 plays)
You're one soldier. Your fellow soldiers turned their backs ...
 Onslaught (800 plays)
Shoot down the invading enemy creatures with your bow and ar...
 Operation SOS (814 plays)
Save the Santa and Christmas from evil penguin in this shoot...
 Orcs Overrun (766 plays)
The Orcs are attacking the castle. Your bow and arrows are t...
 Out Of Halloween (1000 plays)
It is Halloween and the pumkin head are coming from all dire...
 Overrun II (946 plays)
Rotate your turret and shoot down the invading robots creatu...

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