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 Springfield Cemetery (873 plays)
Shoot as many zombies as you can in the cemetery of Springfi...
 Squirrel Hunt (835 plays)
Shoot down those pesky rabid squirrel that are infesting the...
 Star Ambushed (841 plays)
You were attack by Imperial TIE-Fighter. Click to fire and d...
 Star Bores: Episode One (869 plays)
Stop the ewanks from their invasion shoot them down before t...
 STD: Wave 1 (872 plays)
Kill all the escaped prisoners and sentence them to death wi...
 Stickman Sam (872 plays)
Shoot out the targets and complete the missions in this awes...
 Storm The House (1018 plays)
You've played Defend Your Castle now play Storm The House! T...
 Stress Relief Paintball (840 plays)
Shoot down the little smiley faces with your paint ball gun ...
 Stupic Cupid Training S... (933 plays)
Play as the Cupid Trainee in this cartoon shooting game
 Super Paint Ball (738 plays)
Shoot the guys that pop up from behind the barrels and barri...
 Super Space Dog Fightin... (948 plays)
Shoot the alien from within your spacecraft
 Tactical Assassin (937 plays)
You are an assassin. Read the briefing for each mission care...
 Target Practice (868 plays)
Have a good old fashioned game of target practice!
 Teletubbies (945 plays)
Shoot the teletubbies but not the cow!
 Teletubbies Killing (832 plays)
Take out all those horrible Teletubbies!
 Tetes Bruless (793 plays)
Shoot as many planes as possible
 The Chicken-ator (795 plays)
In this funny shooting game you are a chicken flying with a ...
 The Escape II (791 plays)
Blast your way with you pistol through enemies reload and ge...
 The Fallen (757 plays)
In this game you go around fighting different people in diff...
 The Flow (871 plays)
Shoot down flying discs and health packs to bring your accur...
 The Flow II (759 plays)
Shoot down the flying discs before they hit the base use bom...
 The Fly (918 plays)
Kill the Fly
 The Ganja Farm (907 plays)
Keep the plant small and also prevent the alien from taking ...
 The Haunted House of Gh... (951 plays)
Shooting zombie in the haunted house
 The Indian Shikar (872 plays)
Just point and shoot the tiger.
 The Jet Pack Escaper Ca... (794 plays)
Saddm Hussein planned to escape from US Prisoner Camp - don'...
 The Last Wave (803 plays)
Fly your jet fighter over rocks and mountains shoot down ali...
 The Professionals (825 plays)
A moving target assault course train yourself just like The ...
 The Shoot Out (914 plays)
First person shooter with night vision
 The SkullKid (956 plays)
Fun Easy Bloody and Gory. Good Luck
 The Stupid Cupid Traini... (911 plays)
Play as the Cupid Trainee in this cartoon shooting game
 The Wing (1322 plays)
Scrolling shoot 'em up where you have to protect the mother ...
 Thing Thing (773 plays)
This is a short but excellent side-scrolling game. Help the ...
 Thirty Second Monkey Hu... (910 plays)
Hunt down as many monkey as you can in 30 seconds
 Throwing Donuts (769 plays)
Use left and right to move the clown guy around and use spac...
 Tiger Moth (993 plays)
You play the part of a light-crazed moth. You must hit as ma...
 Time Travel (771 plays)
Buck Tuddrussell is literally battling against time! Make hi...
 Tiny Combat (986 plays)
Prevent your flag from the enemies by neutralizing the soldi...
 Tiny Combat 2 (732 plays)
Protect your base from enemy soldiers hummers tanks and othe...
 Tommy Gun (902 plays)
You've witnessed the mafia carrying out a mob hit. Escape wi...

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